Pika Pika no Mi
General Information
Type Logia
Other name Glint-Glint Fruit
Brief Description The user becomes the element of light.
Eaten by Zeo LightningStrike
The Pika Pika no Mi (Glint-Glint Fruit) is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to become the element of Light. It was accidently eaten by Zeo LightningStrike when he was younger.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Pika Pika no Mi, as demostrated by Zeo, allows the user to become the element of light at will. The user is able to transform into the element at will and use reflex to dodge attacks and let them pass through them. In combintion with his ligthing ablities, Zeo has became the fastest being in the world.


  • Light Gun: Zeo fires a ray of light from his horn at light speed. This move is effective use from distances.
  • Light Rain: Zeo gathers enough energy then fires a ray of light at the sky. Combining it with his lightning skills, Zeo is able to make the sky rain rays of light that can be difficult to avoid. This is easily one of his strongest attacks.
  • Strobe Bomb: Zeo gathers enough light energy and forms it into the shape of a ball. Zeo then throws the ball and the attack leaves a large explosion behind. Even if the opponent isn't hit directly by this, this move can temporary blind a victim that happens to see the explosion.
  • Light Way: Zeo transfers energy into a trail and becomes the enegry itself to move at high speeds.
  • Light Barrier: Zeo forms a barrier of light that is very durable.
  • Light Disperse: Zeo transforms himself into light and is able to warp into another area at a speed quicker than teleportation spells. Zeo can also use this with someone else if they touch a body part such as his wings.